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Since Exceptional Services Agency began in 2016, we’ve provided our services to a variety of businesses. On every project we undertake, our most important objective is to relate with clients and understand their core necessities and goals. Below are some examples of the work we’ve done - take a look, and get in touch to learn more.

How Exceptional Services Helped Up On Deck Start a New Business


Up On Deck is a navy-owned business that sells custom flight deck jerseys to the flight deck crew on Navy ships. With so much competition, it’s difficult for new brands to stand out and claim a slice of the market share.

To achieve our goal of helping Up On Deck become a viable and successful business, we utilized the Lean Startup Methodology and combined it with Tactical Marketing to reach new customers and quickly scale.

This approach helped us reach the appropriate customers, such as Department heads looking to order jerseys in bulk, and also provided the analytic insights necessary to make data-based decisions.

“Exceptional Services Agency has been instrumental in increasing our online visibility and lead generation from social media campaigns. We have seen an increase in visibility and sales have doubled since working with Exceptional Services.”

--Up On Deck


Implemented Lean Startup Method

Leveraging the lean methodology allowed us to develop products that flight deck crews already wanted but weren’t prevalent on the market: custom jerseys.

Rapid A/B Testing

To quickly get products to market and build inventory, we conducted multiple A/B experiments to determine which designs would be most likely to sell.

Deployed Tactical Marketing

With military-precision thanks to analytic reporting, we were able to pinpoint the channels where we could target the right customers at the lowest cost.

Made Data Driven Decisions

Running A/B experiments for designs, choosing the marketing channels, and customer targeting are some examples of how we relied on analytic data.


  • Successfully launched product lines for Officers, Air, and Weps

  • Created a long-term process for quickly scaling new designs

  • Achieved rapid customer growth and bulk orders which double profits.

How Agile Marketing Methods Were Used to Double Yearly Revenue


Love My Do’ is a full service luxury salon suite servicing the greater Kenner, Louisiana community. Since 2014, Love My Do’ has helped countless clients get the luxury hair they want.

While Love My Do’ had a steady clientele, Instagram and word of mouth were the only ways the salon reached new clientele. They knew they needed to get target messaging in front of the right people, but how? That’s when Exceptional Services Agency helped implement agile marketing methods.

“We’ve achieved much success. Since working with Exceptional Services, we have been booked consistently — so much that we had to stop taking new clients for a while. In addition, we have been able to eliminate waste and saved $15,000, while doubling our revenue year to date. We also began selling other products that have contributed to our revenue.”

--Love My Do’ Salon


Kenner, Louisiana has an annualized growth rate of 0.447% and median income increase of 4.62%. Instagram and word of mouth were not enough for Love My Do’ to keep pace with the growth of the city.


Exceptional Services Agency helped Love My Do’ implement Agile Marketing methods. This included rapid iterations and testing, focusing on individual interactions over mass reach, streamlining internal collaboration through silos and hierarchy, and responding to real-time results rather than sticking to a predetermined plan.

We chose to focus on the tactics and benefits of marketing, rather than the theory of marketing.


  • Doubled revenue year-over-year 

  • Eliminated waste in advertising budget and internal hours

  • Created a replicable marketing plan that can be utilized anytime in the future

How Using Lean Methodology Helped Cut Cost and Tripled Registration Rates


After launching a child care center, the team at Royal Learning Academy found themselves looking at their internal processes in a whole new light. While their child care services were excellent, they were limited by a lack of an accounting system as well as an inefficient process for onboarding new clients. They knew they needed to cut costs and increase registration rates, but how? That’s when the team at Royal Learning Academy discovered Lean Methodology. 

“We’ve tripled our registration rates and had to create a waiting list. Exceptional Services helped us to get organized by creating processes to help us see where we were wasting time and other resources. In addition, they automated some of our tasks so we can focus on other important duties that bring value to our business.”

--Royal Academy 

What Is Lean Methodology?

In short, Lean Methodology is a continuous improvement cycle. By optimizing the resources (people, funding, effort, energy) of an organization to create value for the customer, both the business and its services improve.


Exceptional Services Agency assisted the Royal Learning Academy in implementing the kanban system to create a regulated workflow and monitor tasks. The new process allowed the leadership team at the academy to set the work pace while maintaining quality.

In Japanese, the word “kan” means visual and the word “ban” means card. The kanban system utilizes visual cards to streamline internal processes and deliver an enhanced customer experience.


  • Cut costs by 30% through implementing automated processes and eliminating waste.

  • Tripled registration rates while improving the accounting and record keeping systems.

  • Provided management a workflow to monitor tasks and set the work pace.

How We Used Lean Startup to Help Accelerate Brand Awareness and Increase Leads


OneSource Resume Services assists professionals in reaching their career goals through coaching and expert resume services. It takes most businesses 2-3 years to be profitable and up to 4 years for a business to truly establish its roots. Lean startup methodology allowed OneSource Resume Services to accelerate brand awareness and increase leads as well as new customers.


“We’ve increased brand awareness and leads by targeting the right customers. This was done by constant experimenting and receiving feedback from the customer. Exceptional Services helped to realize we need to deliver value to the customer and build the right team to do so.” 

--OneSource Resume



Implemented Lean Startup Method


Leveraging the lean methodology allowed us to deliver services that job hunters are looking for right now: professional resume services and career coaching.


Constant Experimenting

We adapted, iterated on, and improved initial ideas as we learned from feedback gained from customers. This allowed us to execute a business model and accelerate growth.


Focused on Customer Development

The focus is on nimbleness and speed. Instead of theorizing on an 5-year business plan, we rapidly assembled viable products and elicited customer feedback, adjusting as necessary.


Trusted Agile Development

We were able to eliminate wasted time and resources by improving services iteratively. We also utilized automated software as well as content marketing to develop the business and its marketing needs.



  • 15% increase in new leads

  • Accelerated brand awareness in a crowded market through content marketing

  • Implemented automation software to help streamline internal processes

How Exceptional Services Helped A Real Cookie Start a New Business


A Real Cookie is a podcast influencer, who uses her platform to promote fitness, discuss
fashion, and share funny stories. With a presence on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and
multiple podcasting platforms, A Real Cookie had the audience to grow influencer business, but
struggled to grow her brand.

To help A Real Cookie harness her online presence to build a sustainable business, we utilized
Public Relations and Brand Partnerships to grow, serve, and ultimately monetize her online

While many budding entrepreneurs and influencers struggle with a lack of direction, we were
able to help A Real Cookie connect the dots, create a cohesive online presence, and partner
with established brands for new business opportunities.

“Before Exceptional Services Agency, my businesses lacked structure &
organization. I like how personally & seriously they take my business affairs.
Since becoming a client I’ve been able to network with other clients & have made
some awesome connections that turned into partnerships. I recommend
Exceptional Services to anyone looking to start or grow their business or advance
in their career.”

--A Real Cookie


Media Outreach
Exceptional Services made direct
introductions to brands, leaders, influencers,
and top executives for partnership
opportunities and brand deals.

From following-up on media pitches to
coordinating influencer-brand deals, we
managed communications so A Real Cookie
could focus on producing podcasts.

To secure these influencer deals, we pitched
A Real Cookie using audience analytics to
establish brand-influencer alignment and
showcase audience overlap and relevance.

Press Coordination
Influencer deals are similar national
marketing campaigns, just on a smaller scale.
Exceptional Services coordinated messaging,
public relations, and audience activation.


● Closed 2 influencer business deals for A Real Cookie
● Increased sales and new business
● Established relationships with brands, executives, and influencers for future

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