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Public Relations

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Catherine Hood

Cathy J. Hood is an award-winning communications guru on a mission to raise the visibility of diverse voices worldwide.  With a Master's degree in Public Administration from California State University, Los Angeles, Cathy is a specialist in media and government relations, corporate communications, business development, digital campaigns, and curated event experiences.

With over 11+ years of experience in public relations, Cathy has consulted with top brands, startup companies, and public figures throughout the US, Bollywood, Pakistan, Denmark, and beyond!  Clients, such as Snoop Dogg's son Cordell Broadus, Bollywood singer Shannon K and others rave about their experience working with Cathy and her team!

Cathy is passionate about empowering young women to break the prevalent social, economic, and political barriers to their vision, voice, and presence. Through Pristine Initiative, LLC, Cathy develops thought leaders and provides them with unique opportunities to enhance their public profile.

Brand Protection Strategy


Nicole Gaither

Nicole is a Partner with Parlatore Law Group and practices in the fields of copyright and trademark prosecution. She has demonstrated experience in prosecuting domestic trademark and copyright applications, providing brand protection through trademark monitoring, reviews of refusals, responses to refusals and assessing potential marks for use and availability.

Bookkeeping and Tax Services


Shandra Branch-Neal

Shandra is the owner of T2 Bookkeeping and Taxes. Shandra specializes in small business bookkeeping in service-based, retail, and manufacturing industries.
She focuses on tax preparation and planning.

Colour IQ
Image Consultancy

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Julie Thurburn

Julie Thurburn is the Founder and creative force behind Colour IQ, an image consultancy company with one goal mind: to provide personal image and branding services to individuals wanting to learn the art of dressing well. Julie has created numerous style workshops, photography posing workshops, trained runway models, and choreographed runway shows.

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