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3 Part-Sales & Marketing Training Course

In this 3-part sales & marketing course, you will learn how to:
Part 1: Build your Brand: Achieve successful branding techniques that are cost-effective.
Part 2: Digital Marketing Powerhouse: Build an online digital footprint that will help you build reputation and recognition. 
Part 3: Results-Oriented Sales: This class focuses on what you need to do and know to generate leads, what is your specific sales process and funnel, and how to use it successfully.

2-Part series- How to organize your business and personal finances

Do you take time to plan and organize your personal & business finances? Money is one of your powerful but limited assets that should be used wisely and effectively.

This training course will show you how to get financially organized, tackle your budgeting mindset, and how to separate your funds into several buckets (spend, save & invest).

In this financial series, you'll learn how to: 

1. Spend - All your present and future expenses. How much should be allocated for each expense you might have.

2. Save - Money for your emergencies and retirement. How you should compute your money for these life events.

3. Invest - Budget for your personal and business developments. When should you invest in yourself and your business, and how much.